Whole30 Week 1 Recap


Today officially marks the beginning of week two…which means that I survived the first week of the Whole30! Luckily, the program is very transparent about what to expect on the Whole30. They have this handy dandy timeline that sums up what Whole30ers might go through:

I started eating pretty clean at the beginning of the year, drastically reducing sugar, cutting out gluten, my beloved Diet Coke, and such. Last week, I had a head start and without even realizing it I went through some of the sucky side effects that week. Maybe I Jedi-mind-tricked myself and since I was not expecting the symptoms I did not really think much of them. I get headaches often as it is and go through moods (hey, doesn’t everyone?) so I just chalked it up to my normal, stressed-out self. I didn’t think much of all the nights I tossed and turned in bed. Consequently, my first official week only included some weird cravings, dreams, and insatiable hunger.

  • Day 1: I felt really nervous about preparing enough food. I was running late to an all day meeting so I did not have time to eat a big enough breakfast…that’s why it is so awesome to go through this experience with your best friend, who just so happens to be just down the hall at work…. 🙂 She had an orange waiting for me on my break from the meeting. I was determined not to need it, as the idea of snacking on the Whole30 scared me (I am a BIG snacker…I really want to cut that habit). I made it through the morning with just some Rooibos tea at the time of my usual mid-morning snack. Lunch couldn’t come quick enough, though. Dinner-ditto. I ate leftovers from my prep week: Southwest Frittata, Chicken Salad over greens made with paleo mayo from ISWF. I felt kind of bummed that I did not start my first day off fantastically, but tackling the Balsamic-Glazed London Broil for dinner helped see the bright side! And then….I layed in bed, and my stomach started growling. I ate a HUGE dinner and I was still hungry. This was tolerable during the day when I knew I had an hour or two to go until my next meal…but right before bed? And I have to wait until the next MORNING to eat? Ayi yi yi…
  • Day 2: This was hard. I had a BBQ to go to at my brother’s house. They were bringing my dad’s smoker over and cooking ungodly amounts of meat, glazed and marinated in all kinds of goodness. My tough brudder reserved some chicken breast for me to season myself and I brought sweet potatoes (and my own mix of coconut butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg) along. I ate lunch before going, treated the BBQ as my dinner, and I let myself have a “snack” of the meal I couldn’t finish later that night. The downsides: I missed out on mac-n-cheese, I really wanted to try some Redd’s Apple Ale, and I turned down invites to the Taproom (Me. Dancing. Sober? Nobody wants that.) But the strangest part was that what I wanted the most is something I NEVER really liked: Doritos with french onion dip. I even asked to smell them….not my finest moment….


  • Day 3 (Prep day): I baked sweet potatoes, roasted butternut squash (with coconut oil-yum!), steamed broccoli, and roasted carrots. This along with a few side salads and a little bit of fruit gave me and my hubby enough sides for every meal the whole week. I also prepared breakfast for the rest of the week and two lunches that would last me all week. For breakfast I ate sweet potato pancakes (recipe to come!), and finished up chicken salad for lunch. London broil again for dinner, but this time I took bigger portions and still felt hungry! I have resisted the urge to snack during the day! I think that this is about when I started having weird dreams. Except, they weren’t about junk food. I dreamed that I bought some asparagus and cooked it. That was it. At least, the food dreams were about vegetables…but still so annoying!
I almost forgot to take the picture!

I almost forgot to take the picture!

  • Day 4: Back to work and class. Here’s the real test, I thought: Bring along enough food to get me through work, class, and my workout. For breakfast I ate a frittata I made on Sunday with spinach, artichokes, and olives (I kept eating this all week and supplemented it with avocado or fruit. It was very tasty but I would not make it again…either the olives or the artichokes made the eggs look gray :/ For lunch I ate a chicken and veggie stir fry with cauliflower rice. This was flavored with coconut aminos and was soo delicious…I will definitely be repeating this with different meats and veggies! I do not miss soy sauce at all! This was one up from my usual lunchtime salad and makes me feel like I could eat this way forever! I over did it on my pre-workout snack. I had some protein and a handful of almonds to fuel my workout, but then I got the idea to eat a few dates with some more almonds. I felt a sugar rush right away and payed for it on the treadmill…I felt really sick. Dinner was a splurge: I concocted a “deconstructed, unfried coconut shrimp” and the hubs grilled some lobster. I guess to finish off this decadent dinner, the hubs felt like it was a good time to have ice cream. He must have forgotten I was on the W30 because he said, “So do you want to scoop the ice cream?” I snapped. I didn’t even really WANT ice cream. I just didn’t like that he could have it and I couldn’t. Boo.

 Photo Mar 03, 10 14 14 AMPhoto Mar 04, 8 35 40 PM

  • Day 5: Breakfast and lunch was a repeat. It seems to be working pretty good, I just keep adjusting my portion sizes according to how hungry I feel an hour or two later. Even though I was not hungry, I ate a few figs and the dates with almonds again. I am definitely trying to satisfy my sugar craving. I got a headache after eating them! I won’t make that mistake again. I’ll save the dried fruit for my homemade snack bars next month! Dinner time was satisfying: carmalized Italian pork chops with onion jam with some veggies. I started feeling less and less hungry after dinner each day…maybe I am finally starting to become fat adapted.
  • Day 6: Same breakfast, and yes it is getting old. I am tired of eggs 😦 I’m already dreaming of what I can make for breakfast next week! Speaking of dreams, I also dreamed that I went out and bought a coffee pot and made some coffee…that was it again. I honestly think I just wanted the paleo creamer for sweetness! Lunchtime I started on my other make ahead meal: spaghetti squash with meat sauce and a side salad…very yummy! Comfort food on a chilly day for sure! Some mid-morning and mid-afternoon tea is replacing my habit of snacking at work. But I started grabbing chunks of pineapple and cantaloupe before dinner even though I wasn’t hungry…am I still looking for sugar? Dinner was a repeat and it was still awesome! But, I’ve noticed I am back to my old habit of snacking while I prepare dinner. Sure, it was just on butternut squash and grape tomatoes…but it is the habit I am worried about.
  • Day 7: On my way to work I was craving some coffee and “creamer.” I figured I could use the caffeine anyways, so I packed some coconut milk and stopped by Starbucks for black coffee. I knew I was looking for sweetness again, and I didn’t get it. Instead, I felt SUPER jittery and fuzzy-headed most of the day. Maybe my body comp changes are making me less tolerable to caffeine. I think I’ll stay away for now and just drink my tea. Frittata again for breakfast with a banana and I enjoyed more “spaghetti” for lunch. I was so busy at work I did not even need my tea to combat cravings. After I got home to get changed for my workout, I ate a snack, but still felt really hungry (ugh, here we go again! I promise I am eating a ton!) The chicken in the crock-pot was calling my name, but I grabbed a handful of almonds and headed to the gym. Dinner was a success! Thanks to my BFF for suggesting the crock pot chicken for tonight! It was sooo moist and tender.

Photo Mar 07, 7 46 20 PM

I was raised on a meat and 3 (thanks, Dad)–I kept this principle and felt obligated to make one of the sides with dinner a carb-dense veggie. It worked well since most evenings I ate dinner after a workout and need the carbs, especially to curb hunger until the AM.

I ate a small bit of protein (this week it was leftover smoked chicken breast) and fat (either 1/2 an avocado or handful of olives or almonds) before EVERY workout.

Post-work bonus meals were trickier. Sometimes I ate a small bit of protein and carb-dense veg and sometimes I held out for dinner. Getting done with a workout at 7:00, eating a bonus meal then waiting an hour puts dinner back to like 9:00….and I go to bed an hour later.

Not. Gonna. Fly.

I think some of my ravenous hunger after dinner was due to missing the post workout bonus meal. I’m still fine tuning this part…so hopefully next week I will see some improvement on that! Speaking of the gym, my workouts felt pretty normal most of the week. I even pushed myself more at the gym to the point where I was pretty sore on Day 6 so I decided to take a rest day rather than go to Hot Power Core. On Day 7 however, I felt like a lost my mojo a bit. Not sure if it was because I was feeling off most of the day because of the coffee fiasco, or maybe I am in the sluggish period. Either way I am optimistic! I am loving the food I’m eating and can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Well, that is week one! I will be posting some “recipes” or tips for the meals I made up along the way so watch out! Let me know if you have any questions or comments; I’d love to hear how your experience compares to mine!


About Samantha Tyler (happilyeverstronger)

I am a cautious girl turned adrenaline junkie. Thanks to my awesome husband and friends I have a new-found love for anything outdoors or active in which I can channel my restlessness into. My favorite activities are road tripping, weight training, yoga, kayaking, biking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, shooting, and climbing. I enjoy challenging myself and testing my limits. I love motivating others to live healthy by sharing my passion for fitness.

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