Whole30…ready to embark on a new food adventure!


These days, I am all about trying new things. Within the last year or two I have scratched many things off my bucket list that I didn’t even know was there– 5k, white water rafting, diving, repelling, paddle boarding, cutting sugar. Wait…no sugar?!

That’s right. No refined sugar, grains, legumes, or dairy, either. Since about mid-January I have either drastically reduced or cut out many food I used to love. By now you are thinking what on earth would possess me to quit drinking milk, eating pasta, hummus, and baking my favorite yummy cookies after all these years? Well, the foods just didn’t love me back.

I should probably explain. I was introduced to the Whole30 by my fellow Badass Army members at the start of the year when many of them rung in the new year with this 30-day eating program. The Whole30 is a stringent, paleo-based eating plan that can truly change your life. It is an incredible learning experience in which you eat clean, REAL foods for 30-days in order to “reset” your body, while kicking bad habits and reaping a long list of mental and physical health benefits. The best part is that it is not a fad diet–it is a jump start to a new lifestyle!

Immediately after learning about this I started doing my own research on the Whole30 and paleo/primal eating. I was amazed. My mind raced to a list of physical complaints I experience almost on a weekly basis. “This could be it!”, I thought, “Finally, a natural source of relief from my digestive problems, acne, headaches, dizziness, and my random aches and pains!” Not to mention, this could help with my “grazing” habit, crazy sweet tooth, and maybe even help me amp up my game at the gym and finally get that muscle definition I’ve been working towards!

I absorbed the information like a sponge and started making changes in my eating (and grocery shopping) habits. However, my house was stockpiled with neolithic foods and I still struggled with my sweet tooth. If I ate even a little bit of processed or refined foods I felt bad. I knew I wanted to eat like this full-time, but I wasn’t ready to commit to the Whole30 just yet. Friends, family, and co-workers started to notice the few lifestyle changes I already made. And here’s my favorite part of the story: A few weeks ago, the idea of a Whole30 caught the attention of my best friend and we decided to do it together. But, when?

“Well, I’m really busy with classes right now, there’s that celebratory weekend trip in April, Colorado trip in May”…you see where this is going.

It took a few days of procrastination to realize that there is no time like the present so we finally decided let’s just do it! Suddenly March 1st seemed like the perfect time to start! A week to wrap our head around the idea; a week to plan and prep.

Photo Feb 24, 9 17 16 AM

So I picked up a copy of It Starts with Food (the Whole30 Bible, if you will) that day and dove right in! Every piece of information was confirmation that a Whole30 is just what I needed to take my commitment to live happily ever stronger to the next level. I was so excited about my upcoming adventure I decided to start this blog, to document my lifestyle changes and hopefully inspire a few to do the same.   After reading, I realized just how many ways this experience could improve my life. I hope that you continue to follow my experience, keep an open mind, and maybe even get inspired. If you have already done a Whole30 and are trying to make the transition into long-term lifestyle changes, maybe there will be parts of my experience that remind you how great those 30 days were (well at least most of them!)

Throughout the month of March I will share the highlights of my Whole30 experience…from kitchen to gym; hangover to tiger’s blood (you’ll see).

Next up, more on the food that can and can’t be consumed on the Whole30 and my prep strategy!


About Samantha Tyler (happilyeverstronger)

I am a cautious girl turned adrenaline junkie. Thanks to my awesome husband and friends I have a new-found love for anything outdoors or active in which I can channel my restlessness into. My favorite activities are road tripping, weight training, yoga, kayaking, biking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, shooting, and climbing. I enjoy challenging myself and testing my limits. I love motivating others to live healthy by sharing my passion for fitness.

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  1. ISWF is an amazing book, and it makes SO much sense!! I did the Whole30 in September and it was HARD. I am not nearly as strict now, but it totally changes your viewpoint on everything that is not-compliant. It did make me quite judgmental of other people though.. but I still think it is something everyone needs to attempt!

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