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It’s not just about me anymore.

In the last post, I told you a little bit about myself and why focusing on fitness is a big deal in my life. But, what I did not mention is why it is so important to me to share my experiences with others.

I love to talk. I love to talk about anything and everything. I especially love to tell people about what I am doing. And, if what I am doing is making a HUGE impact on my life…I want YOU to do it too. Those that know me have probably noticed a recent change in the theme of my FB status updates (sorry)…but this stems out of my desire to motivate people by sharing with them what I love to do.

Since I have started telling people about working out and eating cleaner, I have seen so many comments and heard so many tell me things like, “Yeah, I want to start doing that, too.” or “I’m going to try that when I get home.” Then I ask, did you try it? Usually, not. But that’s okay…I’ve been there. If only there were someone to motivate me when I first thought about changing the way I take care of my body maybe I would have started earlier.

I did not start getting serious about the gym (food came a little later) until I went back to FSU for grad school. It first started because it was free and I needed to kill some time…then I fell in love with it! It was like a switch went off and I realized that just because I have never been very athletic, doesn’t mean I can’t start now. Learning how to weight train from my husband and brother had a huge advantage–they didn’t baby me. They didn’t put me on the circuit, they stuck me right in there with the muscle heads and prison bods and taught me that my body is capable of doing things I never though possible! All this time, all I needed was for someone to believe in me and push me! Since then, I have become self-reliant at the gym and I am like a sponge soaking up new information about working out.


I love it when I get the opportunity to take a good friend to the gym, or to show them a workout at home. It is so much easier to stick with a routine when you have someone counting on you to show up at the gym. But, with hectic schedules, it is hard to find a regular gym buddy sometimes. That’s why my fitness group, Badass Fitness, is so important to me. The Badass mantra keeps me motivated and pushing myself even when I am working out alone.

So, that’s why I say that it is not just about me anymore. I want to use this blog as a way to keep my friends and family (and any other readers) motivated to push themselves beyond what they think they are capable of and to stick to their fitness and health goals. I believe that with a little bit of accountability and the right resources, everyone can make fitness a priority in their life!


About Samantha Tyler (happilyeverstronger)

I am a cautious girl turned adrenaline junkie. Thanks to my awesome husband and friends I have a new-found love for anything outdoors or active in which I can channel my restlessness into. My favorite activities are road tripping, weight training, yoga, kayaking, biking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, shooting, and climbing. I enjoy challenging myself and testing my limits. I love motivating others to live healthy by sharing my passion for fitness.

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